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Looking Beyond the Margins

You Might be Delighted to Know That's Where Transformation Lives 

Imagine my surprise to learn that there is actually a right way to cut tomatoes! Who would have thought, huh? But alas, there is.
For me, there is nothing better than a fresh, homegrown tomato. And since a vestigial flicker of my childhood farm days remains in me, I love to grow them . . . till they are just right . . . then surgically cut precise slices that are known to transform even the most mundane hamburger into a virtual work of art and culinary taste. But how to avoid the spillage of tomato onto the cutting surface?
Place the tomato stem up and cut vertically. Simple, but transformational. Which caused me to wonder . . .

. . . How many other great discoveries have been overlooked by the weight of tradition. Go ahead—step beyond the margin a bit. There may be some interesting stuff outside.

By the way, how do YOU slice tomatoes?

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