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I recently bought one of those over-sized Igloo coolers and noticed a 30” unit of measurement inscribed into the lid. How interesting! What has always been un-utilized space has now being given the opportunity to supply a degree of utility — for the customer.

I can see it now: "Cut me a 28 inch piece of string, Son."

"But Dad, I don't have a yardstick."

"You do now, Son; use the Igloo lid to measure the string."

Oh well, nothing profound here as you likely have noticed, just a personal (and hopefully passed along) sense of wondering how much of what we regard as part of our everyday environment is actually lost opportunity to be of added value to our customers. The lid has always been pretty ordinary. Nothing glamorous—no big job other than simply to be what might be considered the functional punctuation mark at the end of a sentence.

Not anymore! The lid has now been assigned usefulness in its own right. Way to go, Lid! I'm proud of you.

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