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Good Reasons to Consider

Talon Company Consulting

Recently, a nonprofit leader asked me a very straightforward question: "Why should I hire Talon Company to evaluate my retail operation?" Very pointed, don't you think!

In lieu of answering, I asked these him these questions.

  • Does your highest grossing retail item also produce the highest net return?
  • Is this product also your income leader in net dollars generated per square foot?
  • Do you track what it costs to produce $1 dollar of net income? If yes, are you pleased with the direction your costs are going?
  • Do you know how to structure a bonus for your manager that can be an incredible win -win for both your business and your store manager?
  • Which of your staff are specifically tasked with selling? Is it written into their job description?
So — how would you have answered these questions? If you are less-than-satisfied with any one or more of your responses, you're probably leaving thousands of dollars on the table every year.
Enough of a reason?

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