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A spiritual truth worth reflecting upon

If you have followed my blog, Napkin Notes, for very long you know that whereas I focus principally on management and retail related topics, I nonetheless include occasional comments on various other sectors — including spiritual truth. My son <Nathan Kinzinger> leads a men's group in the Chi-burbs and recently sent comments from his daily reading to challenge the men— John chpt 8 in this instance. There is so much "truth" in what he says that I thought I would reprint it verbatim. It is well worth reflecting upon.
I don't usually share my daily notes with you - but I believe today's reading is critical and have attached them here in case you didn't read or sped through it. We are at different places of our walk with Christ, but all would benefit from putting our biases aside and reading this passage slowly, noting what was said and what that says about us - or Jesus.
I've heard it said many times that Jesus was a good man, a man of God even. His own words in this passage say that is simply Satan's lies leveraging our pride as humans and masquerading as an intellectual way to acknowledge Jesus, without coming to grips with the things He stated (that are so well summarized in John 8).
Our role is to be wise, yet gentle. Wisdom begins by understanding the core statements of this passage - and either accepting Jesus as who he said he was - or literally discarding him as a lunatic. Reading his own words, there is not middle ground on this regardless of the good the church has accomplished. Either he is the sole path to God and is keeping us from Hell, or He is an ego-centered person who was politically unskilled, and murdered for it. Either the church has changed the world for good under the influence of a real Holy Spirit, or people harnessed together choosing to do good and God has nothing to do with it.
My challenge to you - choose today whom you will serve; as for me and my house - we serve God, through the single path he made available - Jesus.
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