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Are Your Pictures Faithful

to Your Brand?

The Cost of a Wasted Opportunity Can be Incalculable

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. No argument here. Describe Niagara Falls to someone who has never seen this magnificent wonder, then, alternatively, show a picture. Or try to capture in words alone the erupted glory of Old Faithful to someone who is new to our country. You will fall short in both attempts: words can move us only so far. A well-taken photo does what no descriptive phrase will ever do. It engages sight . . .which, even in the absence of sound can evoke a sense of hearing. As it can with taste, touch, smell!

Which leads me to ask if you're similarly careful with the pictures that advertise your business' products. I recently visited the Facebook page of a rather well-known retail shop. Nothing about any picture evoked any response other than a sense of disorder.

That's a shame as I know both this store and operation to be high quality. But everything matters. Pictures are worth a thousand (advertising) words . . . and perception becomes reality. Don't waste the opportunity.

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