A Smart Approach for Increasing Customer Returns

In the February 2018 edition (p.66) of Fast Company magazine, Marc Lore, Walmart’s e-commerce CEO reports that “Millenial shoppers want not only to buy the product, but also to know where the product’s made, the environmental position of the company, and the social impact that the company’s making.” He adds that Walmart’s Numbers show that a customer will shop twice as much when they shop both online and in-store. “When we get people who shop only in-store to shop online, they actually buy more in the store after that,” He went on to state that Walmart is totally into the immersive shopping experience.

Fabeltics cofounder Kate Hudson notes additionally that if Fabeltics can connect with an existing customer online (as well as thru physical retail), customer value is increased two or three times.

So—how will you incorporate these findings into your retailing?

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